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Artist Statement


My practice of creating is a process by which I learn more about something in which I am interested, or to which I am attracted.  It allows me to go into unknown territory and sheds light on previously dark areas.  Sometimes it has connected me to archetypal myths about which I had never heard.  These experiences have expanded my life in ever widening circles – from inner to outer and past to future.  I know that process sustains my spirit.

The materials I choose to work with determine the direction the image will take.  Each choice I make —  such as tools, medium, supports and colors —sets up a dialogue between me and the work which unfolds organically.

Openness to imagination and experimentation with form and materials is vital in my search for metaphors and the meaning they can bring.  The work allows for insights similar to analyzing dreams and myths.  I have found it to be a method of growth that expands consciousness.  I pay attention to the material and give it conscious form.  I believe the new form then becomes part of the human psyche's network of thought in the world (whether the artwork was seen or not).  In that way, dedication to creating art can play a part in the evolution of  human consciousness. 

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